Being nothing, you are everything

There are moments where i think about how lucky and blessed I am for the life I have been given, for not having to worry about basic needs problems, for having people who show me and provide me with love, or the food I can have access to whenever I want, for being able to clean myself and pretty myself, for being able to chose how I grow, for having access to resources that are able to answer any possible questions I might have, and for so much more. When I think about these things that I would usually take for granted because they have become something normal to have in my life, a feeling inside me starts to awaken and I feel like I can never really give back as much as I have gotten. I look at my closet and realize that soon I’m going to need a bigger closet and then think about the other half of the world who go days on wearing the same clothes because they have no other alternative. At the same time i feel a rush of gratitude and let this feeling motivate me to seek my full potential, to have faith and be thankful that I am placed where I am for a reason, and that i do deserve it because it is the will of a natural force that has brought me to where I am.

I think about the different meanings for life people have, that has a lot to do with what kinds of blessings they’ve been given, the different kinds of struggles that people have to go through, their attitude towards everything, what they think about everything around them. I find that people who have nothing to lose are the ones most aware of everything around them. They search for meaning in everything because they know they are nothing while some are trying to build everything out of nothing; they see no meaning in valuing nothing, which is everything.

I pray that Allah gives me the wisdom to distinguish the meaningful from the meaningless, to give me the sight to see the beauty in everything without being attached to anything, to keep me close to all that which is good for me and keep me away from all that which is not me, to give me the ability to feel everything yet nothing, to make me of benefit to all that surrounds me, to make people see the good in me and find peace in that, to be able to help when called on for help, and to excuse and forgive all those who fail to see beyond a certain veil.



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Living the Human experience


I do not look at planet earth as a place where people come to die, but I see it as a place where hero’s come to be born, where greatness is achieve, a place where the soul come to take form, to live, love and to experience every element that exist, Yes I choose to see the magic that’s around us, inspiring our mind of endless possibilities, the marvel of nature, serene yet powerful. I reverence the simple things as I reverence the grandiose, I see divinity at work, creating a beautiful orchestra and each and every one of us is an instrument being united to create the most beautiful tune, the sweetest melody, so God may waltz.

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I explode and all the colours within me burst
Into the air and you Inhale
You feel recharged and once they’re done playing inside, you burst them out, but this time the colours look different
Their scent roll back to you and from you to me 🌀


Re-examining Religion

The use of the word religion has many bad connotations along with it, especially  when it comes to seekers of the truth if you will, outside of socially constructed possible minpulation. Many people view it as an instituionalized way of achieving certain ends whether they be political or social etc etc. However, once the word is examined back to its roots it changes the way religious texts may be interperted and internalized.
” Dīn is an Arabic word which is commonly associated with Islam, but it is also used in Arab Christianworship. The term is sometimes translated as “religion”, but as used in the Qur’an, it refers both to the path along which righteous Muslims travel in order to comply with divine law, or Shari’a, and to the divine judgment or recompense to which all humanity must inevitably face without intercessors before God. Thus, although secular Muslims would say that their practical interpretation of Dīn conforms to “religion” in the restricted sense of something that can be carried out in separation from other areas of life, both mainstream and reformist Muslim writers take the word to mean an all-encompassing way of life carried out under the auspices of God’s divine purpose as expressed in the Qur’an and hadith. As one notably progressive Muslim writer puts it, far from being a discrete aspect of life carried out in the mosque, “Islam is Dīn, a complete way of life”.


How the term Dīn came to be used in Islamic Arabia is uncertain, but its use in modern Persian may derive etymologically from the Zoroastrian concept of Daena, as it is called in the ancient Eastern Iranian Avestan language, which represents “insight” and “revelation”, and from this “conscience” and “religion”. Here, Daena is the Eternal Law, which was revealed to humanity through the Mathra-Spenta (“Holy Words”). Alternatively, the Hebrew term “דין”, transliterated as “dīn”, means either “law” or “judgement”. In the Kabbalah of Judaism, the term can, alongside “Gevurah” (cognate to the Arabic “Jabaarah”), refer to “power”, and to “judgement”.It may be the root of the common Semitic word Madīnah (city), and of Madyan, a geographical place and a people mentioned in the Bible and in the Qur’an. Thus, Dīn does not simply mean “religion” or “faith”, but refers to “Governance”.


What’s intriguing about memories is the feelings they produce after they have been made.
The strongest bond between two people is the memories they make together. When they leave far away you hang on to them as a memory. You create a space for them in you heart that’s living.
This living part in you rests on your heart every night you go to sleep.
One of those days you might wake up to find that it can never be awakened again.
Through your bodies internal cleansing this living part in you fails to overcome the systematic testing every single being creates for themselves whether they’re aware of it or not! The memories stop producing any real benefit to you.
The principle is to never let anything that does not serve you like it should to ever rest and awaken on your heart. It does not belong there and it can find a way in your heart, consuming you, turning you into it.
Never lose yourself and gain the strength to be able to create and keep memories that will shape you into the best person you can become 😊



The power of the moment

I remember my mother would always try to warn me by telling me that my actions, every single one, has an impact on the person you become. I can say now that I understand what she meant by those words. The experiences you chose to be a part of are what makes up your existent character. Characters give life to people. It represents a contrast of colours that make each one of us different. No two are ever the same yet they hold a connection to every person that has shaped them in becoming who they are at the present moment. Every encounter is like an exchange of colour. Every day we are working on using these colours to create a masterpiece,. And every single person that holds a piece of your colour is connected to you through the webs of your reality.

Youre constantly projecting yourself from your source. Your actions attract the experience you have. That is why your mental process has to always beenfit you, never let you down. We are capable of powers that can only be attained by being aware that they exist. And the reason I am confident they exist is because the standards you lay for yourself become your reality which in return controls your NOW. this moment. the most sacred time of all is the NOW. not what may happen or what has happened but rather living in the NOW and seeing it as an opportunity to grow.

You’re not living if your not growing and your not growing if your not living.


Be as you wish to seem

Orthopraxy emphasizes action and orthodoxy emphaszes belief. Religions like Judiasm, Islam, Santeriaism are usually defined as one or another. Yet I find this contradicting to the esscence of religion in itself. Belief should follow action; you should not act upon something in which you do not believe in nor should you believe in something that you do not act upon. Putting an emphasis on one and not the other, I think, is the root of many conflicts. By making these two concepts seperate of one another you are creating a barrier inside your mind between the two. You’re actions will not become as sincere as they could by practicing something in which you do not know the value of.

Religion has become a very untouched topic in our youth today because of the many criticism revolving around it and the stereotypes being imlpanted about it. Even kids that have a religious background deviate from it because they do not question what they believe in and reach a point in their life where they no longer care to know, but they do attend church, or a temple, or a mosque when the occasion presents itself and keep a few ties that links them back to their religious identity. I am guilty of being such a person at a point in my life.

When I decided to take on the journey of questioning principals and digging deeper into the essence of not just my religion, but others as well. I started changing as a person; to the better. I started to actually feel something when I prayed and began to understand so many things that I hadn’t before. I remember going to worship in the holy month of Ramadan every year and hearing women weep as they were praying. I always found that fascinating and difficult to relate to. Now that I understand the value and importance of testing your beliefs I can feel the power that comes along with it.

I encourage anyone reading this to go and seek the divine. To establish a relationship between you and yourself that makes you feel like you are all you need. To realize that you are truly never alone and to accept that there is something greater than your undersanding, that is always surronding you, seeking you, and watching your every step. I’ll end this off with a personal favourite, well known quote from Socrates:

“Be as you wish to seem.”

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Ibn Sina

The ongoing question of our existence remains in every mind that has not answered it firmly yet.

“Avicenna was interested in the question of being, in which he distinguished between essence (Mahiat) and existence (Wujud). He argued that the fact of existence can not be inferred from or accounted for by the essence of existing things and that form and matter by themselves cannot interact and originate the movement of the universe or the progressive actualization of existing things. Existence must, therefore, be due to an agent-cause that necessitates, imparts, gives, or adds existence to an essence. To do so, the cause must be an existing thing and coexist with its effect”

Very nice idea to reflect on